by Theo

The site is fairly quiet at the moment, and this is why

Stamp is in Africa visiting his family and starting small revolutions

Ben has actually been posting some cool videos, but most of his time has been taken up with vans of all shapes and sizes

Myles is living in the North somewhere, I think. He sent me this picture of him and his new mates

Matt is busy drawing tits on calculators and throwing pens around the classroom

Callum has spent the last few months trying to grow a moustache, which has required all of his concentration

I’ve been in New Zealand for 4-ish months, and have spent my time working in camera shops, making friends with giant parrots, and throwing rocks at cars

We probably won’t update this for ages, but Ben might post some videos when he finishes installing the kitchen in his van

Have a fun winter I guess, I’ll be here enjoying the sun while you all get rained on.

Love from Theo