Gold Rider 2011

Maths kid Matt Brind, surf punk Josh Maddocks, general badass Ben Rye and myself decided we’d go and see what was up with the French riding scene over the weekend. Matt rode in the Gold Rider contest at the AMC (Association de Mountainboard de Compi├Ęgne) in 2010 and had a pretty sweet time, so he asked us to come along this year too.

We met some cool people, shouted ‘alle’ a lot, I got to wear my purple primark swimmers, Matt and Josh won some trophys, and Ben got a trick that I think only one other person can do. He stomped it after only 4 tries in pretty much darkness so we didn’t get it filmed, but we got a shot of a ‘claimable’ one which will do for now. Watch this space for more.

Thanks to all the French guys for making it a sick weekend!

Thanks also Ben Rye (And Matt a bit) for filming.

No Braking in the Bole

Ben Ryes edit from round 1 of the ATBA-UK series at Hales Superbole. This shows more of what we got up to over the weekend rather than a showcase of the whole event.


After riding Hales Superbole Matt and I went to Out To Grass to do a bit of building and play around. We didn’t really film much but here is a little edit with what we got, featuring a styled out heelside carve by Matt.

Hales Superbole

Matt and I went up to Hales to check it out before the first event this year, it’s a properly run place with a sweet local bunch of riders. Unlike a lot of centres we never found ourselves without stuff to session and ended up having a sick few days.

ATC Interrogation

Get to know Tuai Lovejoy and Tom Kirkman a little better…

Pretty Dumb and Always Too Cool

PD and ATC were at Haredown to kick off the first of the ATC mini shredders camp. Check out to find out when the next camp is on. We all got hot, did some chilled riding and generally had fun.

Filmed by Ben Rye and Theo Acworth
Edited by Ben Rye

The Maddocks Compound.

So the other day Max Rye, Matt & Andy Brind and myself stuffed ourselves into a Ford Fiesta and wandered down to The Maddocks Compound in sunny Cornwall to shred with the Mad Dog himself. I hadn’t ridden in pretty much a year so was sketchy the whole time, Matt went stupidly big, Max learnt loads of new stuff, Andy flipped to dirt, Jarman broke his nose and Josh stomped the sickest bs5 I’ve ever seen. We also went to the beach.

Once again we were all having a bit too much fun so didn’t really film properly, but this is what we got.