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Hales Superbole

Matt and I went up to Hales to check it out before the first event this year, it’s a properly run place with a sweet local bunch of riders. Unlike a lot of centres we never found ourselves without stuff to session and ended up having a sick few days.

The Maddocks Compound.

So the other day Max Rye, Matt & Andy Brind and myself stuffed ourselves into a Ford Fiesta and wandered down to The Maddocks Compound in sunny Cornwall to shred with the Mad Dog himself. I hadn’t ridden in pretty much a year so was sketchy the whole time, Matt went stupidly big, Max learnt [...]


Yo! So here is the latest offering from the little filmer/editor Sam Sutterlin! The clocks have gone forwards, the centres are opening, time to get shredding!!! DownHare Aliens from Sam Sutterlin on Vimeo. Want to see your video on the Pd site as the featured media? Post your video on Matt Brind’s facebook and we’ll [...]

France Ain’t Ready

An edit of us hitting ride on boxes, doing ungrabbed spins, knuckling jumps and having fun.

Sometimes You Don’t Need the Music.

better than whitelines

FrieNZ posted on Whitelines!

I emailed the guys at Whitelines a link to FrieNZ Spring Sessions asking them to have a look, and they posted it on the main site! Needless to say this put a pretty big smile on my face, I’ve never had feedback from somewhere as ‘serious’ as Whitlelines so I’m pretty stoked, they even said [...]