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well here is another prototype, this one is just amazing, i am so happy with the way it came out. devolping over the summer to hopefully bring you a board to sell around christmas. i will be about at the events just ask and i will let you give it a go. enjoy… Ben

Project.Car Wash

Here is Matt Brind giving us some top PD tips on how to really wash your car Project.Car Wash from Ben Rye on Vimeo.


haha yes joel!!!

pic of the week

in the absense of anything really, here is a picture i found of mbs and ride the hill lad peter hills

Project.Fix the Video pages pagination

OUCH. For weeks we have had a little bug on the site in the videos page. I say weeks, I mean months…


well this is what i have been up to for the last few days, me and john have been digging and dumping soil non stop to create these super sweet jumps, it starts with twin rollins that will lead to twin kickers, one will be a dirt landing and the other goes into the air [...]

I Want These Days Back

This video really is what mountainboarding is about. Lot’s of people turning up on a weekend to have fun jumping, racing and enjoying the sport. What I want to know is where did all these people go? Ring people up who haven’t been to a comp in a while, email them a link to this [...]