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Here is a little film from Sam Sutterlin shot with a friend longboarding down a quite lane. Filmed & edited by Sam Sutterlin  

Brother Shred

Brothers Tom and Mick Kirkman star in another short by Sam Sutterlin. Shot at Mt. Hawke skatepark, Truro, Cornwall.  


The site is fairly quiet at the moment, and this is why Stamp is in Africa visiting his family and starting small revolutions Ben has actually been posting some cool videos, but most of his time has been taken up with vans of all shapes and sizes Myles is living in the North somewhere, I [...]


I’m sure you have all seen the video and asked yourself the question, ‘Who the Hell is Woodie Wright?’, but i thought I would post up Peter Hill’s video from the Elite Jam from last year’s event at the Bole to get you all ready for the competition this weekend! Yes, its late in the [...]

Some Non-Mountainboarding Photographs

Most of my photography that you guys see is mountainboard related, but I also shoot a lot of other stuff. Mostly it’s just things that I come across while wandering about but sometimes I’ll have something specific in my mind that I want to achieve. So as bizarre as it may seem to have non [...]

The Coolest Guy in the World

I’ve never seen anything so incredibly AWESOME

Look A-likes

everyone knows about Rhys and Gok what about Andy and Sid If you have more and would like people to see them please send them in to us.